Summer Foot Care Tips 

Summer is upon us, and we suddenly begin to think about our feet! With all the running around, doing this and that, our self-care routine can easily fall by the wayside. There is no excuse for abandoning your routine though!

Once the weather gets warmer, we dust off our summer sandals, exposing our feet! After the long winter, foot care may have been neglected, and our feet may need some tender loving care.

Our top five essential summer foot care tips!

Pace Yourself

When the weather gets warmer, the temptation is to suddenly up our exercise routines in a bid to get bikini ready. If you push yourself too hard right at the start of the season, it can easily lead to injuries and strains. Start gently!

If you are trying to improve your strength and endurance, you need to do this gradually. Small, consistent increases work best over the long term, approximately 10% each week. It is a proven method known as the progressive overload principle, which forms the basis of muscle building. The theory behind it is that your body gets used to specific exercises, so you need to gradually increase them to build strength.

Seek the best footwear

Summer is the season for sandals, but it is also important to remember our feet need proper care and support. Our feet need to be cool and comfortable. Sandals made from breathable materials are great for the summer season as they allow your feet to be cool and for air to circulate. Make sure you choose sandals that support your arches and have sufficient cushioning, or your feet will end up covered in blisters! 

Much research has gone into making sport-specific shoes, ensuring the footwear is supportive where it needs to be. Depending on what the footwear is designed for i.e. running, hiking or the gym, it has been designed with this in mind. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to all sorts of issues, like blisters, corns, calluses and heel pain, so you need to make sure you have the right ones.


It is an excellent idea to mix up your exercise routines. You may love running, but doing it every single day means you’re more likely to end up overtraining and causing injuries. Maybe initially start out running four times a week, with regular rest days to recuperate. As your body becomes accustomed to workouts, you can increase the frequency of how often you do them. Mixing in different activities, such as swimming or cycling, can also be a good idea to ensure you don’t overstretch your muscles.

Tanned Feet

Summer is an excellent time for you to increase your foot health practices. Sun and sand feel wonderful on your feet, but you need to keep an eye on an array of potential problems.

Using sunscreen on your feet is as important as the rest of your body. It is very easy for your feet to get burnt, especially if you wear sandals. Always remember to put cream on the tops of your feet!

Pay us a visit

While we hope you don’t have any severe foot problems, we do realise that you may need our help, and this is what we are here for. If you are experiencing foot pain, ingrown toenails, blisters or any other foot problem, please do not hesitate to contact us!