Verruca Needling

Verruca Needling: Transformative Treatment for Stubborn Warts

Verruca needling is an innovative and highly effective procedure designed to tackle stubborn warts or verrucas. Unlike traditional treatments, needling focuses on stimulating the body’s natural immune response to combat the viral infection responsible for verrucas. 

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How It Works:

During the verruca needling procedure, a fine needle is used to puncture the verruca. This intentional puncture creates controlled micro-trauma, triggering an immune system response. The body then recognises the wart as a threat and mounts a targeted defense, ultimately aiding in the elimination of the verruca. 

Key Benefits:

High Success Rate:

Verruca needling boasts a high success rate in treating persistent warts that may not respond to other methods.

Minimally Invasive:

The procedure is minimally invasive, involving a quick and straightforward process that is performed in a clinical setting.

Stimulates Immune Response:

By stimulating the immune system, verruca needling harnesses the body's natural ability to fight off the viral infection causing the wart.

Reduced Recurrence:

Verruca needling has shown promising results in reducing the likelihood of recurrence compared to some traditional treatments.

Is Verruca Needling Right for You?

If you’ve struggled with persistent verrucas and are seeking a proven solution, verruca needling could be the answer. Our experienced podiatrists will assess your condition and discuss whether this innovative treatment aligns with your needs.

Take the step towards wart-free feet – schedule a consultation to explore the benefits of verruca needling and regain confidence in every step you take. 

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