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We are here to help you move, walk, and run better; to remain active and pain-free.

Quest was established by experienced podiatrist Anna Cooper-Hall, the Clinical Director at both Quest Podiatry and our partner clinic, Farnham Foot Clinic. Anna has seen the profound difference podiatry can make to people’s lives and how it can help them achieve optimum performance. For some, that may be taking minutes off their next marathon. For others, it’s the ability to continue playing their favourite sport, walk to the local shop, or live without pain. We all have different needs and Quest is here to support you.

We do this by offering an unparalleled range of foot & ankle services here at Quest. It is a multi-disciplinary approach with an expert service delivered by our friendly, experienced and qualified team. We use cutting-edge technology and the most advanced techniques to ensure that you are in the best hands when it comes to your podiatry needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our modern, forward-thinking clinic and supporting you in your continued quest to remain active and pain-free.

Professional Foot Care

The team at Quest Podiatry can help you with all aspects of your foot care. Our approach is sensitive, caring and professional. We treat children, teenagers, adults and elderly people and we have seen it all. Please don’t feel embarrassed about any problem you may have, or nervous about attending. Book an appointment today in the confidence that you will be listened to, you will receive the best care, and that you have taken a positive step to resolving your foot problem.

All our chiropodists hold a degree in podiatry and are registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC registered). They are also members of The Royal College of Podiatry, so you can be sure your feet are in safe hands. We offer flexible appointment times to fit around our clients’ busy schedules. Our clinic is easy to find and there is free parking outside. Come and relax with a tea or coffee in our spacious waiting room prior to your treatment.

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fully qualified podiatrists

All of our chiropodists have graduated with a degree in podiatry, all are HCPC registered and are members of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. You can be sure your feet are in safe hands! In order to fit in with our clients’ busy lives, we offer you flexible appointment times, early, late and Saturdays! Call us on 01483 569 550 or use our online booking form.


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Frequently asked questions

A podiatrist is skilled, trained and educated to assess, diagnose and treat problems of the foot and associated structures.

Podiatrists are able to provide advice on foot care, health education, gait analysis and footwear advice. Your Podiatrist can advise on workplace footwear the right type of shoes for you, or the most suitable shoes to prevent foot problems.

Annual foot checks are recommended for all members of the family. Podiatrists are skilled in screening and health education, so a visit to the Podiatrist need not always be about sore feet. Your feet and your family’s foot health are important.

Much of the work of a podiatrist is aimed at prevention and education. If you are diabetic you should be having an annual diabetic foot check. Your Podiatrist can perform this diabetic foot check and provide you with the necessary Diabetic foot care advice.

Treat your feet as you do your teeth, a yearly check up is healthy, but if you have pain then seek treatment. A frightening number of people think foot pain is normal! It isn’t!! If your feet hurt, seek advice.

 Before initiating treatment, the assessment process is aimed at understanding the mechanical factors which may have caused an injury or interfered with the normal healing process. This is key to the development of an effective treatment plan.