Toenail Reconstruction

Toenail Reconstruction Procedures at Quest Podiatry

Discover the transformative benefits of toenail reconstruction at Quest Podiatry, your premier destination for foot care in Guildford, Surrey. Our specialised toenail reconstruction procedures are designed to rebuild damaged nails caused by trauma, fungal infections, or other medical issues.

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The Procedure:

Our skilled podiatrists at Quest Podiatry apply layers of a special resin to the cleared toenail area, allowing for the moulding of a new, natural-looking nail. Once the resin sets, the hardened material is expertly shaped and polished for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish. 

Benefits of Toenail Reconstruction:

  • Achieve a natural and healthy appearance.
  • Boost confidence with the removal of unhealthy nails.
  • Comfortable movement as the reconstructed toenail aligns with natural toe movements.
  • Preservation of the remaining natural nail and nail bed.
  • Polish your reconstructed toenail just like a normal nail.
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Who Can Benefit?

Consider toenail reconstruction if you have unsightly toenails due to injury or fungal infection. It’s a common cosmetic procedure for individuals facing issues with their toenails and nail beds, addressing concerns such as fungal nails, thick or discoloured toenails, cracked nails, and abnormal nail shape or growth.

Quick and Effective: In as little as 30 minutes, our nail reconstruction at Quest Podiatry can enhance the strength and appearance of your nails for up to 8 weeks. This straightforward process is completed in a single appointment, offering a non-permanent solution to help you achieve the desired outcome.

Trust Quest Podiatry for expert toenail reconstruction services that prioritise your comfort, confidence, and overall foot health. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards healthier, more beautiful nails.

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