Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes Management

Podiatry has an important role to play in the management of diabetes. With a professional foot care regime in place, complications such as ulcers and infections can be identified and treated at the earliest stage to prevent and treat issues.

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Diabetic Assessments

Regular assessment is also advocated by the Royal College of Podiatry which recommends that everyone who has diabetes should have their feet checked regularly with a healthcare professional.

We are experts in diabetic foot assessment and provide advice, therapy and treatments. We focus on three important areas:

Ongoing Diabetic Foot Care

As part of every assessment, we test the level of sensation in your feet as well as the quality of blood flow and we will inform your GP about the findings as appropriate.  We also provide self-care tips so that you can perform checks in between assessments with confidence, and care for your feet correctly.

All our podiatrists are experienced in diabetic feet care.

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