Medical Foot Care

Foot Problem Prevention

A routine medical foot care appointment at Quest Podiatry is suitable for all. We work with children and adults to provide one-off and regular appointments.

In much the same way you have routine check-ups with a dentist, we will carry out a thorough examination of your feet and toenails.

It is an extensive foot health assessment during which we will take the time to understand any concerns you may have. We will examine for the early signs of any problems and provide advice on self-care and how to correctly clip your toenails.

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Routine Foot Care

Any hard skin and corns will be gently removed and your toenails will be trimmed and filed.

Your treatment will be completed with the application of a foot moisturiser or a cooling spray. You will leave feeling comfortable with advice on how to keep your feet healthy and in optimal condition.

Routine medical foot care is also particularly helpful for people are unable to reach their feet with ease, have visual impairments, or are at a higher risk of foot issues due to advancing age, diabetes or other health conditions.

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