Swift Verruca Treatment in Surrey

SWIFT Verruca Treatment

Revolutionary SWIFT  Verruca Treatment

Verrucas are a common foot issue and are thought to affect as many as one in ten people. Whilst harmless, they can be persistent and become painful and problematic. If you’ve got a verruca or a wart that won’t go away, find out about the specialist verruca removal procedure we offer.

Swift Microwave Verruca Treatments

SWIFT Microwave Technology for Verruca Removal

We are the only footcare clinic in Guildford to offer the revolutionary new SWIFT verruca treatment.

This pioneering microwave therapy system works by delivering rapid, targeted bursts of microwaves to your verruca/wart. It elevates the temperature of the infected tissue and destroys diseased cells. This also activates your immune system to initiate healing.

People undergoing Swift often describe the sensation as being similar to being pricked with a needle. In rare cases, minor discomfort or tingling may be experienced for 24 hours before dissipating completely. There is no need for anaesthetic or a dressing and the skin is left unbroken leaving you free to continue with your daily activities.

A minimum of three sessions are typically required to banish a verruca and many people report significant reductions in pain after each treatment. Swift is suitable for most people, with only a few exceptions.

Pioneering Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment in Surrey

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